Your Home On The Beach

Owner Membership Fees

Fee Description

Every Owner You Refer Who Joins - You’ll Receive $50.

Fee Frequency


Initial Premium

For homes # 1 through # 10 with up to a 32 photo tour.

1st Year


Initial Standard

Designing your individual page, your availability calendar, up to a 32 photo dynamic tour, 16 photo slideshow & marketing aids.  

1st Year


      Annual             After 1st Year

Maintenance of your page, site hosting costs, calendar & tour hosting & a our comprehensive advertising campaign.



Featured Home

To have your ocean view photo on the main site home page. 



Photo Changes

If photos need to be updated. Up to 6 photos per change form.

Per Form


Text Changes

If your text description needs to reflect home enhancements.

Per Change


Spreadsheet Changes

If features are added to property, or any value needs updating.  

Per Change


Calendar Change

We prefer that owners enter updates, however we can do. 

Per Change


Ownership Change

This is an administrative fee to change all owner records.

Per Change


How Your Beachfront Vacation Home Will Be Marketed

Worldwide Internet

We plan to sponsor ads with Facebook, Google & Yahoo. More ads with additional major search engines & social networks are being developed.

Toll-free Number

Our toll-free number will be included in all advertisements.  You will receive emails with the voice messages of interested quests.  Also, calls for immediate guest interests.

National Print Advertising

We may have ads in Coastal Living magazine, & plan for ads in other publications that will include our toll-free number & web site address.    

Local Print Advertising

As concentrations of homes are listed from a specific local area, we will run local ads. Input from owners regarding the best & most effective publications is appreciated.   

Member Owners Promoting

Members can run their own ads to direct interested guests to our site so they can view their vacation home page.  Also, an index card size template will be available so your home can be highlighted on local community bulletin boards. 


It is our intention to have sponsors whose top quality services & products will be helpful to guests & owners.  All our sponsors will offer cost saving coupons for guests & owners.  If beneficial to owners & guests, we may have linking between our sites.   

Full Size Property Photos

You’ll have both a 16 photo slideshow & up to a 32 photo tour with your choice of background music. Your custom tour includes: Google map with satellite view, the ability to email the tour & a branded version with your contact information that you can email.  In addition, both you & your guests will be able to purchase photos & gifts form SmugMug, where your photos are safely stored.       

Complete Text Descriptions

To fully describe the features & specifics of your vacation home, you can write up to 500 words.  Before publishing, our Editor will make sure that everything is just right. 

Individual Availability Calendars

Your individual availability calendar will include some highlights about your home, & contact information. You will include your rental rates & any special offers.  Owners will be responsible to update their calendars in a timely fashion. This is a Web based calendar with it’s own URL that can be included in a local ad or forwarded with an email announcement.  

Excellent Customer Service

By providing excellent customer service to owner members and their guests, we believe that positive referrals will steadily make become more well known among owners of exclusive beachfront vacation homes and the most discerning guests in the world.  

Outstanding  Reputation will become a well known brand that is synonymous with the best beachfront vacation homes that have direct ocean views.  With our Star Rating System, all homes will be rated by guests via our guest feedback form.  Guests will receive a thank you card & a gift from on your behalf when they submit the feedback form. Our common goal is to be associated with top quality beachfront vacation homes.  

Guest Referrals

Based upon great vacation experiences of guests who have stayed at member homes, we anticipate that they will tell their friends & relatives about our site & your home.

Owner Referrals

You may network with other owners, especially if you have an interested guest whom you can’t accommodate. If you refer a new owner who lists their home, you’ll receive $50

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* Fees are subject to change at any time.  Although, the annual fee in effect at the time a new member joins, will not change for 5 years.  The annual fee is for years subsequent to the initial, or 1st year.  The only difference between Premium & Standard is that Premium listings are homes #1 to #10.  Standard listings begin with home #11.  All homes have links to their individual pages.  Change fees are only to cover the necessary time it takes our Web Master to make updates, and republish.  So different vacation home views can be featured on the Home Page every week, we will limit each home to just 1 week each year.  However, if weeks are available, your home may be featured for more than 1 week for the weekly fee.  You should reserve your week well in advance.  If at any time you want to discontinue having your vacation home marketed by we will immediately refund the initial 1st year fee (prorated),or an annual fee minus any change fees, and  prorated  according to the number of days your home has been included on our site.  You will only pay for the number of days your home has been included on the site.  Once you are satisfied, you will have an option to have the annual fee automatically paid each year.  The $50. referral fee is only for existing owner members who refer an owner who subsequently lists their home with  To keep it simple, rather than applying $50. credits for every referral, we’ll just mail you a check. does not guarantee or project any rental results.  Our primary goal is to make sure that every owner member is fully satisfied with our efforts to market their beachfront vacation home throughout the world on our most exclusive site.   

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