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Operating Principals

Guests & Owners

Privacy - The contact information of visitors to this site, guests, and home owners will never be made available under any circumstances to any other company, entity or individual by  Contact information will only be shared between owners, guests, prospective guests and  The only exception will be a company that is in development by the owners of that will be named  This company will sell fine quality furnishings, unique decorations and supplies for beach homes.  With your approval, we will send email and mail communications regarding updates, and announcements about what is going on at and  If at any time you want to be removed from our list, just let us know. Your privacy will always be respected by us at and

Open Communications - For everyone to be satisfied, it is important that we all communicate well with each other in a timely fashion. Your honest feedback with each other and with is always valued.  As a guest, if you have suggestions for an owner concerning something that may be needed or desired in a home, please let the owner know.  As an owner, if you find this site needs operational improvements, kindly inform us.  If you know of a potential sponsor that would add value to your vacation experience, please send us the details.       


Vacation Home Descriptions - All the descriptive text information, specifics of homes, amenities of communities and photos have been provided to us by home owners.  It is an owners responsibility to periodically review the site information about their home and inform if anything is not accurate.  In no way does verify the accuracy of this information, and we will not have any liability should information be inaccurate or misleading.

Availability of Homes - It is the sole responsibility of home owners to post accurate and updated information about availability, rental price ranges and specials on their individual calendars.  Should an owner decide to have update their calendar, the updates will be posted as soon as received.  You should always submit the Request Quote form, that will be forwarded directly to the owner. is not responsible if calendar information is not accurate.

Rental Arrangements - is not a real estate company.  All rental arrangements, and lease agreements are directly between you and the home owner. is not involved with any financial transactions between guests and owners. will not have any liability if a guest is not satisfied with the vacation home they have selected.

Insurance - The owner of the home where you will stay should have sufficient insurance to cover the valuable contents and liability for any accident on the property.  Since does not own any homes, we would not have any liability in the case of an accident or loss of property.

Guest Feedback Form - It is very important that your responses are not overly critical, as your star awards and comments are meant to inform owners about what you feel may contribute to a finer vacation experience at their home.  After an the initial 5 feedback forms are received, the average number of stars awarded will be posted on this site.   


Beachfront Location & Unobstructed Ocean View - will only market luxury vacation homes that are located directly facing a beach with completely unobstructed ocean views.  An unobstructed view of the ocean is defined as seeing only the ocean, and not any other buildings or structures blocking a beautiful view.

Minimum Property Value - The minimum property value of a vacation home that is marketed by needs to be at least $1 million dollars.  Many homes included on this site are worth several million dollars.

Responsiveness to Guests - Along with open communications, it is extremely important that you are responsive to the needs of your guests so they are completely satisfied with their vacation at your home.  Also, you should respond as soon as possible to inquires from potential guests who are interested in your home for their vacation.

Guest Feedback Form - The reason we have this feedback form is so you and potential guests will know about the quality of your home, and vacation experience at your home.  Your home will be rated by guests and not some company inspector.  Along with you, it is one of our goals for to be know as the place to visit in order to find an exceptional vacation home with a perfect view of an ocean.

* Operating principals may be changed or amended at any time, and updated on this site.

Barefoot on Sand

Barefoot Tracks Leading to the Atlantic Ocean at Bay Head, NJ, USA 

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